Talash Sabz, agricultural media Production

-Khorasan Razavi’s Agriculture ministry’s media broadcasting contractor.
-Composing more than 1500 television programs dedicated to rural population.
-Composing commercial teasers.
-Composing written media for Agriculture ministry.
-Composed 25 instructing-cultivating titles for Agriculture ministry.
-Administration at tarvijkhr.ir.

Fields of activity:
-Design and composition of digital media.
-Composition of written publications including: Tracts, books, posters, leaflets, catalogues &…
-Composition of visual & Audial media including: Tele-theatres, instructional videos, films, slide-visions, photos, on air schools and broadcast programs including: Talash Sabz, a 15-minute program broadcasted 2 times a week (for agriculture instruction purposes) & Nasim Abadi, a 30-minute program broadcasted once a week (reflecting different aspects of rural life)

-Received best director, best cameraman, best editor, best sound, best producer and best documentary reportage award 3 times from “Iranian broadcasting academy”.
-Received multiple academy awards from “Khorasan Razavi’s broadcasting”.
-Received best director, best author, best cameraman, best editor, best sound, best producer and best instructional film award multiple times from “Shahid Avini’s Academy”.
-Titled as the best telecast (Talash Sabz) by “National Insurance Media Festival”.

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